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Chelmer Meadows
Chelmsford, Essex

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The proposals for the land off Chelmer Village Way include the development of 1.47 ha of land formally used as a construction compound located  adjacent to Chelmer Village Way.  In addition, the transfer of c.30 hectares (72 acres) of land to Chelmsford City Council to assist in their long held ambition to create a publicly accessible Country Park along the sides of the River Chelmer.

Housing need, affordability and lack of affordable housing is a major issue within Chelmsford. Stonebond have worked up an attractive scheme comprising 54 new homes, all of which will be affordable and made available to those in local need.

The proposed layout is detailed below. The scheme includes a high quality design sensitive to the sites setting, featuring significant landscaping, ecological and biodiversity benefits.


The Masterplan

Parcel A

Parcel A comprises 4.13 acres of land located in the north-western corner, adjacent to Chelmer Village Way and Chelmer Retail Park. This is separated from Parcel B by way of a hawthorn hedge. This part of the site has been previously used as a construction compound in relation to adjacent developments. It is presently used as a paddock. It has a field access along its northern boundary with Chelmer Valley Way.

Parcel A forms the application site. 

Parcel B

Parcel B comprises 21.6 acres of land located immediately south of Parcel A and extends down to the edge of Chelmer River. The western boundary adjoins the A138 Chelmer Viaduct. The eastern boundary adjoins the PROW 234-41. This land comprises water meadows and is located within a Local Wildlife Site.

It is proposed that this land will be transferred to Chelmsford County Council ownership to enable delivery of a Country Park.

Parcel C

Parcel C comprises 49.8 acres and is located to the east or parcels A & B. Parcel C adjoins Chelmer Village Way along its northern boundary and extends to adjoin the River Chelmer. The southern extent of this parcel adjoins the split in the river Chelmer located close to Sandford Mill Museum. This land principally comprises unmanaged grassland, hedgerows and scrub. It is connected to parcel B by the PROW network that runs along the northern bank of the river Chelmer.

It is proposed that this land will be transferred to Chelmsford County Council ownership to enable delivery of the Country Park.

Development Layout

Landscape led approach

Chelmer Meadows will create a rich biodiverse environment including retained trees and hedges, well considered green infrastructure management plan, 95 nos. of new trees including native species, urban street trees and new orchard to complement the setting of the adjoining listed building, wildlife networks and species rich soft landscaping.

The network of spaces will provide naturalistic incidental play, opportunities for community cohesion and interaction, new footpaths and cycling routes to connect to the wider landscape.


Chelmer Meadows will provide 54 high quality new affordable homes which will include a wide range of sizes and tenure designed to meet local requirements. Each home will have access to amenity space, communal green areas and dedicated parking space equipped with electric charging point.

The proposal will cater to local needs and include wider highways improvements, provision of new routes and links and community infrastructure.

Beautiful sustainable homes

The proposed scheme has been carefully crafted through numerous iterations and stakeholder engagement to ensure it addresses the unique edge conditions that the site relates to and therefore created three clear courtyards inspired by the
local spatial and architectural vernacular.

Tackling the global climate emergency by creating low carbon, resilient homes achieved through significantly improved fabric efficiency of homes in line with the Future Homes Standard. Homes will benefit from appropriate low carbon technologies.

Key features of the proposal


  • 54 new affordable homes
  • 41% affordable rent
  • 59% shared ownership
  • A range of apartments and family homes
  • Planting 95 new trees across the development
  • EV charging points to all homes
  • High energy performance buildings

We would like to hear from you

Prior to the submission of this application, we would like to engage with you, the community, and welcome your thoughts and opinions on our proposals. If you would like the opportunity to discuss the scheme further, please provide your contact details below and we will make contact with you directly.

This consultation will run from 5th June to the 19th June 2023.

Chelmer Meadows Feedback

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