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Mascalls Lane
Brentwood, Essex

Thank you for visiting this website regarding our forthcoming planning application on the land to the North of Mascalls Lane in Brentwood, Essex.

The proposed layout below illustrates a residential development in a sustainable location in accordance with the Brentwood Borough Council Local Plan, which allocates the site for development of 9 dwellings.

Stonebond have worked up a proposal for 9 traditional new starter and family homes. The mix of new homes is shown below.

Key Features


The proposed scheme illustrates high quality design and incorporates a mix of materials, colours and detailing that reflect the local vernacular and character.


Retention of key trees and vegetation alongside significant new trees and specimen planting to provide green edges to the development.


Homes built to save energy and provide water efficiency to reduce running costs to homeowners.


The proposed scheme is parking compliant with Essex County Council’s Parking Standards. Passive vehicle charging points for all.

We would like to hear from you

Prior to the submission of this application, we would like to engage with you, the community, and welcome your thoughts and opinions on our proposals. If you would like the opportunity to discuss the scheme further, please provide your contact details below and we will make contact with you directly.

This consultation will run from Monday 9th May to Friday 20th May.

Mascalls Lane Feedback

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