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Our Environmental

Our Social Value Commitments

As part of our ongoing commitment to increase our social, sustainability and environmental credentials, we are pleased to announce that we have adopted a comprehensive set of measures, as outlined through the National TOMs Framework. The framework is aligned with the UN Sustainability Development Goals (also known as Global Goals) – 17 global goals set against 169 targets and 232 indicators that have the power to create a better world by 2030. Governments, businesses, civil society and the general public are encouraged to work together to build a better future for everyone.


By following the National TOMs Framework which is aligned with UN Global Goals, we have a consistent reporting standard for calculating the social value we are generating as a business. By following this framework, this ensures that we are embedding social value into each of the communities we create and that we continue to deliver thriving communities.


Our Achievements for 2022

Social Value Generated £19.6m

£ 16.6 MILLION
Amount spent with Local Supply Chain
7 weeks
Work Experience Placements
32 %
Female Employees
1177 Hours
Training Hours
S106 Costs
Developing a Social Value Strategy

The Social Value Strategy is the golden thread to maximising benefits throughout the life cycle of the development

Healthier & safer communities


We engage with local communities early in planning discussions and master planning. We hold public engagement events with residents and local communities to ensure their ideas and concerns are considered.

Once on site, we will seek to engage with residents both on our developments and in surrounding areas with community events.

Protecting and improving our environment


From a placemaking perspective, it is clear that living near green open spaces is highly valued and adds to people’s wellbeing. Many of our schemes are landscape led, with our architects incorporating open spaces and areas of biodiversity on each of our schemes with the intention of bringing more nature to the area than before we began.

Supporting local economy


From the outset of development, we identify opportunities to source local labour and suppliers as part of our programme of social value generation.

We also monitor and actively encourage our suppliers to utilise Government-backed apprenticeship schemes to provide people with valuable skill sets whilst working on site.


Local infrastructure investment


As part of our ongoing commitment to the communities we build in, we make contributions to both existing and planned community infrastructure and projects on each of our developments.

Working alongside the councils we develop a more informed perspective on where these contributions can be best targeted to maximise community value.



Our Sustainability Commitment

We take pride in our sustainability approach to housebuilding. Our homes are developed with care and built for life – not just for our homeowners, but with the environment and wider community in mind.

Our commitments include protecting and rehoming wildlife, preserving and planting new trees, shrubs and wildflower meadows as well as recycling all our build waste and using local suppliers and sub-contractors. We take pride in our sustainability approach to housebuilding.

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