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10 May 2023

The Appleyard Q&A with Managing Director Peter Williams

What was the design inspiration for The Appleyard?


The Appleyard captures modern living that is firmly rooted in traditional values.

Our homes are inspired by traditional English styles from the Georgian inspired large picture windows which allow light to flood into the homes to classic shiplap boarding which blends this development into its rural setting.

The result is a new community of homes which sit comfortably within the village whilst offering a unique character. The homes retain the features and character of more traditional architecture but have been elevated using modern materials and feature detailing. This refined palette of materials such as black vertical cladding, full-height anthracite windows and projecting brickwork, seamlessly combine to deliver an attractive street scene which will stand the test of time.

Open plan living enhances space, light and flow of movement within our homes. Our Crittall screens transform living spaces; not just by giving it a modern edge, but also by opening up a space and letting in more light whilst providing subtle zoning of spaces for cooking living and studying without losing the flow of movement. The full height windows allow for light-filled, stylishly designed spaces which are immediately inviting, with room for the whole family to relax in a well-planned and connected layout.

How have Stonebond’s designs evolved in recent years?


The recent change to our work-life balance has led to greater flexibility in our working week and more options for working from home. This balance is redefining the way we live and have therefore informed the way we have designed the spaces in our new homes.

People are looking for homes that tick all the boxes when it comes to living a well-balanced life. We have taken care to incorporate separate spaces for work and quality time in each of our homes.

How does the development protect the existing bio-diversity in the area?


The development incorporates hundreds of new plants and trees across a variety of green spaces. These spaces are designed to encourage a diversity of habitats enabling plant and animal species to prosper.  The spaces vary across the development including the pond which encourages aquatic species and the linear green spaces to the western and southern boundaries which blends the development seamlessly with the surrounding open space and farmland.

It is vital for developments to contribute positively to the natural environment and that is why we are proud that the Appleyard will contribute a greater number of species of fauna and flora than before it was developed.

How does the development contribute to the local area?


The development will make a substantial financial contribution towards local educational needs and outdoor sport facilities and we are proudly working with Settle to offer 12 affordable homes on the development, with priority being given to local people.

In addition, we have identified opportunities to employ local people and buy materials from suppliers within close proximity of the development as part of our dedication to generating social value locally. We monitor and actively encourage our suppliers to utilise Government-backed apprenticeship schemes to provide people with valuable skill sets whilst working on site.

How do the homes perform in terms of energy consumption?


When it comes to the homes themselves, these feature advanced construction methods, kitchens are equipped with efficient appliances and we install underfloor heating throughout the ground floor all adding up to reduced energy consumption and energy bills.

From how we construct our homes to safeguarding and enhancing natural habitats, you can enjoy homes and surroundings that protect the environment now and for everyone’s future.

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